What we can offer

We offer a wide range of technical moulding and casting services at competitive prices.

Are you a sculptor looking to replicate your work for production? Or perhaps an entrepreneur looking to start a range of fine art works either for sale or for private collection. Whatever your dream, let us help you make it a reality!

We are a workshop style manufacturing studio, based in Minehead, otherwise known as the 'Gateway to Exmoor'. At S&S Exmoor we hold the more traditional (in our opinion, more personal and better) working principals and ideals close to our heart, whilst innovating them to suit the highly versatile material that is polyester resin.

The utmost quality in both product and service to our customers is paramount in our ideology.
We are proud to create products for artists, designers and fine art clientel alike, some of which are well known in their respective industries. Some deal in a range of home fittings and furnishings, others offer a diverse range of sculptures and figurines to suit any styles or themes. Classic Canes, for example, specialise in collectible walking sticks.

All of our customers are delivered the same high quality service, and we aim to help clients develop their own projects and ideas, bringing them to life.